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The Canadian Society of Club  Managers is a professional society representing the club management profession in Canada.  The term "profession" implies that there is a specific body of knowledge with defined competencies, academic training to develop those competencies is available, an accreditation/certification process may exist and there is usually a defined Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct. CSCM provides all of these. 

The Certification Program  to achieve the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation is based on established competencies in club management, academic training is provided through a variety of post-secondary education programs, accredited workshops and professional development programs (CMI and BMI courses), national and branch professional development activities, and national conferences.  CSCM's professional development program is the responsibility of the national Professional Development Committee, which has established the following "Guiding Principles": 


The national professional development program will support the Society’s vision of “creating great clubs through excellence in professional club management”.  The program will support the Ends Policies (Appendix A) established by the CSCM Board of Directors. The Ends Policies provides the strategic direction and priorities for the Board of Directors, and is reviewed and updated at each Board meeting.

The following principles will be used to guide the development of programming within the CSCM:

  • the professional development program will take into account responses in member surveys reflecting the needs and expectations of the members;
  • where possible, programming will use Canadian based speakers and content;
  • program content will relate to and support the ten competencies in club management (see below);
  • the program will provide opportunities for members to pursue the CCM designation;
  • National programming may generally focus more on broader skill sets supporting the Management to Leadership model (see below) whereas Branches may focus more on specific operational skill sets;
  • professional development programs are offered primarily as a member service but budgets should be established to ensure that the income for programs offered at the national level covers all expenses at a minimum.


Management to Leadership, a model for club management adopted by the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) in 2004 and supported by CSCM, is based upon the theory that general managers/COOs are responsible for three major areas: Operations, Assets/Investments and Club Culture. This construct more accurately expresses today's general manager/COO as the professional responsible for the multiple facets of club operations, as well as managing the club's assets/investments and culture. It is a continuum of constant building and honing of skills and competencies.


The foundation of the model is the successful management of club "Operations." The components of this foundation are already defined as the ten core competencies of a General Manager/COO:

  • Club Governance
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Human and Professional Resources
  • Leadership
  • Membership & Marketing
  • Golf, Sports and Recreation Management
  • External and Governmental Influences
  • Facilities Management
  • Interpersonal Skills

The second tier of the model is mastering the skills of "Asset/Investment Management." Today's general manager/COO must be able to manage the physical property, the financial well-being and the human resources of the club. These facets of the manager's responsibility are equally as important as managing the "operations" of the club.

The third and final tier of the new model is the preserving and fostering the "Culture" of the club. The culture of the club can be defined as the club's traditions, history and vision. Many managers intrinsically perform this function; however, it is an often overlooked and underdeveloped quality

The CSCM annual national conference provides CSCM members access to education programming and the opportunity to network with fellow members of the club management profession nationally.  In addition, CSCM members may attend the annual World Conference hosted by the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) at the member rate.

For further details about CSCM's professional development opportunities please see the following: