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Program Costs

Education Costs

All costs related to participation in education programming to accumulate the required education credits are the responsibility of the candidate.  However, CSCM offers financial aid to those taking BMI courses through the BMI Bursary.

Petition Fee

$75 (USD) non-refundable administrative fee

Exam Fee

$195 (USD) non-refundable

CSCM Assistance with Exam Fees

CSCM will cover the costs of administration, petition and first examination fees for members who sit the CCM exam (excluding any proctoring costs at universities or colleges). Since the program is operated jointly with CMAA, CSCM will pay CMAA the $75 (USD) administrative fee required to file a petition with CMAA. If eligibility is confirmed to sit the examination, CSCM will pay CMAA a one-time $195 (USD) fee to cover the costs of the exam.

For those CSCM members wishing to have their exam proctored on one of the dates established by CMAA as "Proctored Exam" dates, the member will be responsible for all fees associated with the proctor.

For members who have to take the exam more than once, there will be a $150 (USD) charge for each retest. Cost of retests will be borne by the member.

CSCM reserves the right to alter this policy without notice.